Structures and Principles

The basic structure of the Heishin Dispenser is a rotating positive displacement pump, the same as the Heishin® PC Pump.

The heart of the Heishin Dispenser is a rotor, which is equivalent to a male screw, and a stator, which is equivalent to a female screw. The rotor is made of metal and has a unique twisted angles, and its cross section is a perfect circle. The stator is made of elastic materials and its cross section is an oval.

When installing the rotor in the stator, a series of spiral cavities that are tightly sealed are created. When the motor rotates, fluids are injected in a reciprocal motion as the inside of the stator revolves; this is how the dispenser achieves non-pulsating constant discharge.


Heishin Dispenser enables a highly precise, non-pulsating application at a constant rate.

  • No liquid accumulation and no need for cleaning after use
  • Capable of even consistent application of materials by synchronizing robot speed
  • Adjusting rotation speed of the servomotor can easily change application volume
  • Capable of consistent application, not only in vertical, but also in horizontal or oblique positions


Offers highly precise discharge volume control and accurate filling at a constant rate.

  • Can dispense any fluids of low to high viscosity
  • No dripping keeps container and equipment clean
  • Installed servomotor contributes to highly precise filling and a reduction in takt time
  • Can be easily combined with conveyor movement
  • Minimum filling volume is as little as 0.1 g
  • Can correspond to small lot production of many products due to its easily disassembled and cleanable structure

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