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Privacy Policy

HEISHIN Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "HEISHIN") recognize that protecting the personal information obtained from our customers is an important social responsibility we must fulfill, as it is an invaluable asset to our customers. For that reason, we have established this Privacy Policy as follows:

1. Handling of Personal Information

HEISHIN will appoint personnel responsible for handling the personal information of our customers and managing it appropriately as stipulated in rules set forth below.

2. Acquiring Personal Information

When asking our customers for their personal information, HEISHIN will inform our customers in advance for what purpose their personal information (such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc) will be used, and about customer support. All of this will be done only when appropriate.

3. Usage of Personal Information

HEISHIN will limit the use of personal information obtained from our customers to the following: provision of our products and services; post-sale customer service; development and enhancement in the quality of our products and services; response to inquiries from our customers; provision of information about our products and services; provision of campaign and event information, as well as the management of such events.

In some cases, HEISHIN may consign the handling of personal information to our affiliated companies or to a third party company in order to enhance our quality of customer service. When doing so, HEISHIN will select a consignee who meets our standards for properly handling personal information, and set rules to ensure that the consignee implements appropriate management of said information to protect our customers.

4. Provision of Private Information to Third Parties

HEISHIN will not provide any customer's personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer; this excludes its sales groups and affiliated companies for the purpose of joint use or providing information to commissioned partners. However, when the purpose of personal information concerns the protection of human lives or assets based on laws and ordinances, or cooperation with public organizations, such as police or courts, is required the personal information may be submitted without customer consent.

5. Disclosure of Private Information

HEISHIN will disclose personal information when the customer expresses the will to present his own personal information for modification, addition, partial deletion or suspension of its use, or complete deletion through HEISHIN's regular procedure, HEISHIN will implement an investigation without any delay and when such request deemed necessary, HEISHIN will carry out the request without fail.

Exceptions to the above includes cases when disclosing personal information of said customer causes extreme inconvenience to HEISHIN corporate activities or when it may infringe upon the lives of individuals, bodies, assets or other rights it may be infringed by doing so.

6. Securing and Enhancing Information Security

HEISHIN will conform to strict standards of information security to ensure the precision and safety of personal information. This will be accomplished by managing access to personal information, restricting such data to internal use only, and developing measures that prohibit any unlawful computer accesses from outside HEISHIN to prevent loss, destruction, distortion, or leakage of personal information.

7. Education and Training

HEISHIN understands the importance of protecting personal information, and thus provides all executives and personnel with education and training to appropriately handle customers' personal information.

8. Continuous Review and Improvement

HEISHIN will conform to any laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and other laws while continuously reviewing and improving initiatives for protecting personal information by responding to any changes in social environment.

9. How HEISHIN Handles Personal Information on the Web Site

HEISHIN will not collect personal information that clearly identifies individual customers, such as name, address, phone number, or email, on our website without express permission from the customer.

However, information which does not identify individual customers is collected through the website. For example, we may collect information about which pages on our website a customer visits. Such information may be used to improve the contents of the website in the future.

When we do request a customer's personal information, we will ensure its safety by using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or equivalent security technology in order to defend against any illegal access from third parties.

10. Web Browser Cookies

Some pages on the HEISHIN web site may use a system called browser cookies to enable more convenient browsing during repeated visits.

The browser cookies will identify customer computers, and may record data on that computer's hard disk. However, cookies do not identify individual customers.

Customers can disable browser cookies in their browser's settings. Please note that turning off browser cookies may cause inconveniences with normal use of the web site.

Please contact if you have any inquiries about our personal information security.

General Affairs Department, Head Office
Telephone.: +81-78-652-1111

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