Features and Advantages

There is just one principle,
but an abundance of features and advantages.

Mohno Dispensers can, by working on the principles of progressing cavity pumps, perform high-accuracy dispensing.

01Instantaneous Dispensing of Even High-Viscosity Fluids of 1000000 mPa•s

Capable of instantaneous dispensing over everything from high-viscosity adhesives to slurry such as metal paste. The reason for this is that it is a progressing cavity pump dispenser that has strong suction for even high-viscosity fluids and dispenses with high pressure. Moreover, this pump structure is directly connected to the needle, allowing for rapid response to control signals, and dispensing of high-viscosity fluids of 1000000 mPa•s in no time at all, cutting down on cycle time (production time).

02Accurate and High-Precision Application and Filling

In progressing cavity pumps, the cross-sectional area of each cavity, which is formed by the rotor and stator, is always constant regardless of the position of the rotor. The dispensed amount is always constant, enabling non-pulsating, metered conveyance. Mohno Dispensers, based on the principle of the progressing cavity pump with outstanding metering performance, with the structure also directly connecting the rotor and stator to the needle, allows for high dispensing accuracy. With a stable flow rate and dispensed shape are stable, contributing to increased product quality.

03Stable Application Over an Extended Period of Time

The flow rate of a Mohno Dispenser is hardly affected at all by factors like changes in fluid viscosity or a reduced amount of residual fluid left in the barrel, as the rotor and stator handle drawing/dispensing of these automatically. When work on the ground in a manufacturing has to stop so the dispenser can be adjusted that hurts production, but with Mohno Dispensers metered application and filling, over a long period of time with consistent precision, are possible, greatly decreasing the number of times adjustments need to be made and improving production efficiency.

04Easy and Unrestricted Control

With progressing cavity pumps, because the flow rate for one rotation of the rotor is always constant, the flow rate is directly proportional to the rotational speed of the rotor. Mohno Dispensers work the same way: the flow rate can be set or changed just by the servo motor's controlling the rotation of the rotor. Being able to instantly adjust the application amount makes it possible to match robot deceleration on corners, which allows for even more uniform line application and prevents fluid from gathering at start and end points. During point application and filling, the flow rate can be altered without changing the dispensing gap.

05Capable of Dispensing According to Setting, Reducing Material Loss

Mohno Dispensers can, thanks to highly accurate control of the flow rate, dispense accurately according to the settings, which prevents issues like applying or filling more than necessary. With no need to waste time on chores like tweaking, valuable materials are not wasted, and they help cut costs via reduction in loss of materials.

06Metered Dispensing With Good Fluid Control

With progressing cavity pumps, suction and dispensing can be performed in the opposite direction just by reversing the rotation direction of the rotor. Mohno Dispensers make use of this principle, and after dispensing the fluid just a slight reversing of the rotor causes the fluid clinging to the needle tip to be drawn inside the needle. This enables superior fluid control, allowing subsequent dispensing to be started instantaneously for shorter cycle times.

07No Dripping

The rotor, made of metal, is inserted into the stator, made of an elastic material, thus creating a seal line. This seal line serves the function of a valve, cutting the suction side off from the dispensing side, preventing dripping once the device is stopped. Without dirtying the workspace or jigs during processes such as filling and applying, cleaning is simplified.

Features for Applying Fluids

  • The start point has a clean look
  • Smooth application even on corners, without any change in thickness
  • The rotor can run instantaneously in reverse, allowing for application with good fluid control
  • The flow rate can be changed without changing cycle time
  • Uniform application on top of robot speed
  • Clean and attractive even when overlaying lines

Features for Filling

  • Metered filling according to the settings, without pulsations, is possible
  • After dispensing it can run instantaneously in reverse, allowing for metered filling with good fluid control
  • No dripping when stopped
  • The flow rate can be changed just by altering the rotational speed
  • Compatible with multiple filling system

Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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