ApplicationsElectrical Machinery

The high-precision, stable application offered by Mohno Dispensers means they are frequently used for sealing, waterproofing, and application of insulation to electronic equipment. Accurate dispensing means only the required application amount is applied, preventing material from being wasted.

  • Application of soldering paste to a PCB
  • Application of liquid silicone rubber to a camera module
  • Application of anaerobic adhesive to a screw

Some Uses

  • Application of silicone resin to a connector without a pin
  • Application of adhesive to an air flow sensor case
  • Application of resin to printer heads
  • Application of anaerobic adhesive to bearing housing
  • Application of desiccating agent to electronic substrates
  • Application of adhesive to a motor magnet
  • Application of adhesive to the outer casing of a smartphone
  • Application of anaerobic adhesive to prevent screws from loosening
  • Flat-surface application of OCR to LCD cover glass using a wide, thin nozzle
  • Application of desiccant paste to an organic EL display
  • In-line mixing and application of two-component OCR for an LCD
  • Injection of two-component curable resin into a temperature sensor

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