ApplicationsWide application of sealant to solar cell cover glass

Silicone resins (frame sealers and glass sealers)

Current challenges and requests

In the manufacturing of solar cells, there is a process in which sealants are widely applied between cover glass that are on the surface of modules and aluminum frames. With conventional equipment, dripping made the product and the surrounding areas unclean after the application process, and required a post-cleaning process.

There were also other issues such as a need for a post-application adjustment as the conventional equipment did not discharge fluids at a constant rate, and high viscosity fluids slowed the application speed, which decelerated production speed.

Solutions and merit when improved

Mohno Dispenser is installed due to its no dripping and high precision constant discharge capabilities.

  • Reverse motion after application prevented dripping, and the post-cleaning process became unnecessary, as products and the surrounding areas were kept clean.
  • With its excellent constant rate discharging, the application forms were stable, and a need for post-application correction processes is eliminated.
  • Stable discharge even for high viscosity liquid shorten the cycle time.
  • By controlling rotational speed to adjust to minimum necessary application volume, losses of silicone resins were prevented.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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