ApplicationsHigh-precision dot application of high-viscosity heat-dissipating silicone on downsized electrical components for automotive

High thermal conductive silicone grease (heat-dissipating silicone)

Current challenges and requests

To improve heat dissipation, high thermal conductive silicone grease (heat-dissipating silicone) is applied on electrical components for automotive. With these downsizing, the application volume required per component is decreased to 30mg. If the application volume is too much, the silicone is over applied. If the application volume is too small, heat dissipation is poor. Both result in product failure.
The customer wants to apply the silicone with higher accuracy.

However, the existing equipment has problems:

  1. Heat-dissipating silicone is too viscous to be applied consistency and accurately.
  2. Adjusting the application volume is difficult and takes much time.
  3. Drips after application often contaminate parts and jigs.

Solutions and merit when improved

The Mohno Dispenser 3HD025G30 was introduced to provide high precision dot application of even high-viscosity heat-disputing silicone.

  • Unchanged application volume and high-precision dot application were provided due to the basic principle of single-shaft eccentric screw capable of non-pulsating metered discharge of high-viscosity fluid.
  • As the discharge volume of the Mohno Dispenser is in direct proportion to its rotational speed, fill volume can be easily adjusted simply by changing the rotational speed of the servomotor, helping to reduce setup time.
  • Instantaneous reverse rotation at the completion of application prevents drips and keeps the parts and jigs clean, eliminating the need for wasteful tasks such as wiping off excess fluid.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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