ApplicationsMinute line application of high-viscosity adhesives on smartphone body

Electrical machinery

Current challenges and requests

In applying adhesive on smartphone body, the customer was required to apply minute beads of less than φ1.0mm. However, as the viscosity of adhesive is high, installing a thin needle with the existing equipment requires longer application time due to pressure loss.

Additionally, due to inconsistent application lines, the customer has no choice but to frequently adjust the application volume. This takes much time, thus resulting in loss. In applying two-part adhesives, the mixing ratio of a base component and a hardener cannot be kept consistent and such adhesives cannot be cured properly.

Solutions and merit when improved

The Mohno Dispenser 3HD025G30 was introduced to handle high-viscosity material of 1000000 mPa·s.

  • Can be discharged instantly even with a thin needle, helping to reduce the application time significantly.
  • The discharge volume can be easily adjusted simply by changing the rotational speed of the servomotor, thus helping to reduce setup time and material losses.
  • The proportions of the compounds are easy to adjust because the amount of base compound and the amount of hardener dispensed can be easily changed. Accurate mixing and applying provided stable quality.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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