Mohno Dispensers, with their high-accuracy, metered dispensing and superior flow rate control, contribute to improved work efficiency and cost savings in the application and filling processes for various kinds of sealants, adhesives, grease, and other materials used in the manufacture of cars and their individual parts.

  • Application of liquid gasket to a head cover
  • High-speed application of mastic sealer to a hood
  • Wide application of steel sheet stiffener to a door
  • Application of liquid gasket to an oil pan

Some Uses

  • Application of thermal grease to an ABS circuit board
  • Application of soldering paste to a power window switch PCB
  • Application of silicone grease to a resolver
  • Application of liquid gasket to the outside of motor generator casing
  • Application of epoxy resin to a battery cell
  • Application of silicone resin to an automobile connector
  • Application of grease to the O-ring of an engine's oil filter
  • Application of thermal silicone grease to car lighting elements
  • Injection of grease, supplied from a pail, into a stay damper joint
  • Wide application of thermal silicone grease to an inverter power module
  • Application of mixed two-component thermal silicone grease to an ECU (engine control unit)
  • Application of two-component curable waterproofing resin to the screwed point on a wiring component

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