Product Features

A standard model capable of handling a wide array of fluids, from flowable fluids to high-viscosity fluids

Compact and light-weight model

Can be installed on smaller robots

Excellent assembly reproducibility

Excellent assembly reproducibility during maintenance, and reduces the time for the robot teaching

Drastically reduces residual fluids

Helps cut costs via reduction in loss of materials

Primary Applications
Application of liquid gasket to a head cover or the like
Minute application to precision PCBs
Metered filling of syringes
Silicone resin
Epoxy resin
UV-curing resin
Silicone oil
Anti-cementation material
Lubricants, etc.

Application Flow

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Metered application of liquid gasket to a head cover

Industry involved: Automotive
Place of use: Head covers
Fluid used: Liquid gasket

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