Mohno Dispenser

Instantaneous Dispensing of Even High-Viscosity Fluids

Accurate and High-Precision Application and Filling

Metered Dispensing With Good Fluid Control


Video Library:Application of hemming sealer and mastic sealer
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Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.


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  • System Products Hose-Free System

    Has a charge-type application system for hose-free use on robot arms. A smart application environment with no hoses connected to movable parts is created through repeated feeding and application.

  • Applications Application of anti-seizure lubricant

    Handwork brush painting processes are automated to solve uneven application volume and adhesion of brush bristles.

  • Dispensers Two-Component Mixture Unit

    Performs high-accuracy dispensing while mixing two-component adhesives. This unit features two Mohno Dispensers and a static mixer.

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mohno dispenser is the registered trademark of HEISHIN Ltd.

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