ApplicationsApplication of anti-seizure lubricant is automated

Anti-seize lubricant

Current challenges and requests

Conventionally, anti-seize lubricants were hand painted on parts where there were screws in machinery components. However, issues still needed to be solved. For example, the finishing quality differed between individuals, and bristles from the brushes adhered to the components.

In the past, an attempt was made to automate the process using valves; however, some issues remained unsolved, which resulted in abandoning the idea. Due to the small volume that needed to be applied, it was impossible to keep liquid from dripping off the valve, which left the object and the peripheral device unclean.

Solutions and merit when improved

Mohno Dispenser ND Type can discharge at a constant rate of high precision and was adopted to solve these issues.

  • Due to excellent constant rate discharge capabilities, application forms are stabilized to improve overall quality.
  • Eliminating brushes also eliminated foreign objects adherence, which lowered the number of defects.
  • Enabling adjustment of the discharge volume to minimum requirements reduced overall wasted materials.
  • Reverse rotation after application prevents liquid dripping, thus keeping the product and the surrounding area clean.
  • Automated processes resulted in fewer operators, who are now able to engage in other operations.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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