ApplicationsLine application of trace amounts of adhesives on resin case of electronic component

Electrical machinery

Current challenges and requests

High-viscosity adhesive is applied in lines ofφ0.5mm for resin case of electronic component. Too much application volume requires a post-cleaning process such as wiping off. On the other hand, too small application volume fails to seal, causing product failure.
The customer wants to apply the silicone as accurate as possible.

However, the existing equipment has problems with:

  1. Adjusting the application volume is difficult and takes much time.
  2. Even if adjusted, the application volume is not stabled due to pulsation or fluctuation with a slight change of conditions.
  3. Drips often contaminate resin cases and peripheral equipment.

Solutions and merit when improved

The Mohno Dispenser 3HD025G30 was introduced to provide high precision line application of even high-viscosity adhesive.

  • As the application volume can be easily adjusted simply by changing the rotational speed of the servomotor, helping to reduce setup time and material losses.
  • The basic principle of single-shaft eccentric screw capable of non-pulsating metered discharge of high-viscosity fluid provided high-precision line application, contributing to improved product quality.
  • Instantaneous reverse rotation at the completion of application prevents drips and keeps the cases and surrounding areas clean, eliminating the need for wasteful tasks such as wiping off excess fluid.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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