ApplicationsStable mixing and high-precision application of two component hardening epoxy adhesives

Electrical machinery
Two component hardening epoxy adhesives

Current challenges and requests

In the manufacturing process of electronic components, two-component hardening epoxy adhesive is mixed and applied in a trace amount.

  1. However, due to its high viscosity, application takes several dozen seconds.
  2. If the viscosity of adhesive changes due to the surrounding temperature change, the adhesive does not mix properly, causing unstable application volume. The discharge volume needs to be adjusted accordingly.

To improve productivity and quality, the customer wants to bring in equipment that helps to cut application time and provides trace amounts of stable application.

Solutions and merit when improved

Two Mohno Dispensers 3HD025G30 and a single static mixer were introduced.

  • The newly introduced equipment can handle highly viscous fluid with high precision and provide a trace amount application, helping to reduce the application time more than half.
  • Insusceptible to change in viscosity, consistent application was provided even the surrounding temperature varies.
  • Instantaneous reverse rotation at the completion of discharge prevents drips and eliminates the need for wasteful tasks such as wiping off excess fluid.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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