ApplicationsHighly viscous thermally conductive material is applied to electric components

Automobiles and electrical
Heat spreading materials(thermal grease and heat spreading grease)

Current challenges and requests

High viscosity heat spreading materials are applied on electrical components. However, with conventional devices, unstable application volume, long discharge time, and the production efficiency needed improvement.

When wishing to change materials to highly conductive heat spreading materials, the assumedly higher viscosity of such materials made it impossible to handle.

Solutions and merit when improved

Mohno Dispenser is installed for its stable discharge capability, even of highly viscous liquid.

  • The application volume is stabilized and quality is enhanced.
  • The cycle time during the application process is shortened to result in an improvement in productivity.
  • Stable application was achieved for belt-like application, and various forms of application became possible.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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