ApplicationsConstant application of insulators in the motor production process

Electrical Machinery
Insulation material (varnish, two-compound silicone resins/epoxy resins)

Current challenges and requests

Varnishes are applied as an insulator during the motor manufacturing process, but conventional devices do not offer a consistent quality, as the application volume is uneven.

When using two-compound silicone resins and epoxy resins as insulators, sometimes the liquid do not cure completely as the device is not capable of keeping a mixing ratio of base compound and hardener.

Solutions and merit when improved

Mohno Dispenser is introduced due to its no dripping, highly precise constant discharge capabilities.

  • The application volume stabilizes to enhance quality.
  • An instantaneous reverse rotation at the end of application prevents liquid from dripping and eliminates the post-cleaning process since the machine is kept clean.

By combining two Mohno Dispensers and a static mixer, application and filling while mixing became possible. The discharge volume for base compounds and hardeners can be controlled respectively, and accurate mixing is made possible.

  • Setting and changing the mixing ratio is also simple.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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