ApplicationsHigh-precision dot application of solder paste without being affected by residual fluid fluctuation in a barrel (syringe)

Electrical Machinery and Semiconductor
Solder paste

Current challenges and requests

Solder paste is applied on the terminals of electronic substrates, however, the existing equipment has problems:

  1. Application volume increases as the residual paste in a barrel gets low.
  2. Case-by-case adjustment of application volume takes time.
  3. The customer wants to reduce high cost paste to be wasted as much as possible.

Solutions and merit when improved

The Mohno Dispenser 3HD010G30 was introduced to enable stable discharge without being affected by the fluctuation of the residual fluid in a barrel or the fluid viscosity.

  • Unchanged application volume and stable dot application were provided due to the basic principle of single-shaft eccentric screw capable of metered discharge without being affected by the change of condition.
  • Due to the drastic reduction of the frequency to change the operating conditions, wasteful tasks and loss of solder paste were significantly reduced.
  • As application volume can be adjusted simply by adjusting the servomotor speed, the time to change the operating conditions was extremely reduced.

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Did you know?
Mohno Dispensers are progressing cavity pumps.

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